IPL 2019 Schedule | IPL 2019 Venue

IPL 2019 Schedule, IPL 2019 Venue, and IPL 2019 Time Table

IPL 2019 is going to be held outside of India. The complete IPL 2019 schedule and IPL 2019 Venue list. Check here all the IPL 2019 Schedule and IPL 2019 Venue.

IPL 2019 Schedule | IPL 2019 Venue

Stay updated with all  IPL 2019 Venue and IPL 2019 Schedule. Every update you need to know about IPL 2019.

As we all have witnessed such thrilling matches in the previous 11 seasons of IPL. All the fun, the thrill, none of us can forge. We are eagerly waiting for IPL 2019. 

Scroll below for IPL 2019 Schedule and IPL 2019 Venue.

You wonder where is it going to be held this year and what are the changes in the timetable? So here you will get all the answer, IPL 2019 Schedule, and IPL 2019 Venue.

And we can't wait for this season of IPL 2019 the 12th season to start, even though there is a lot of time left but I am counting on it, ain't you?

IPL 2019 Schedule and IPL 2019 Venue, Time Table of IPL 2019

Get all the updates of IPL 2019 Schedule and IPL 2019 Venue.

The Season 12 of IPL, IPL 2019 will begin on 29th March and will be ending May of 19th. 

Now talking about the IPL 2019 schedule there is a serious issue because of World Cup 2019, which is starting just 10 days after IPL 2019. That means there is not much gap given and because of that, we might not see some cap players in the last matches of IPL 2019. So because of  World Cup, 2019 tournament has a different IPL 2019 schedule.

Many of them already received notice from their cricket board. Our Indian players also have to leave 15 days before. So we might not see them in the finals of IPL 2019.

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Its happening this year only because previous world cups World Cup 2011 and World Cup 2015 both ended before IPL started

World Cup 2011         Feb 19 - Apr 07

World Cup 2015         Feb 14 - Mar 29

World Cup 2019         May 30 - Jul 14

IPL 2019                     Mar 29 - May 19

As you can see ICC World Cup is coming immediately after IPL 2019, just a minor gap between World Cup 2019 and IPL 2019 as well.

The first Match of India in ICC World Cup 2019 is on 5th June India vs South Africa in Southampton at 3PM.


IPL 2019 will be held from 29 March to 19 May and it's possible that general elections are going to happen at that time only. So we might see big changes in the IPL 2019 Venue.

BCCI decided to shift IPL 2019 venue from India to some other country. At first, they had United Arab Emirates (UAE) in mind. The news was that IPL 2019 will be held in UAE. 

Basically there were two options UAE or South Africa for IPL 2019 Venue but though UAE's Time Zone will suit the Indian Audience the first preference should be UAE, but still, it's not confirmed.

IPL 2019 Schedule | IPL 2019 Venue

The twelfth season of the Indian Premier League might be held outside India if the dates of the month and a half long tournament clashes thereupon of the general elections. 

This is not the first time that the Board of management for Cricket in India (BCCI) is aiming to stage the money made tournament outside the country.

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The IPL was held in South Africa within the 2009 and in 2014 the primary half of the tournament was held within the UAE. 

In each these years, the IPL moved out of the country as the dates clashed with general elections. So we are facing the same conditions again with IPL 2019 Venue.

If the dates of the final elections clash with those of the Indian Premier League, then the tournament will be held outside the country. 

But as of currently, we are waiting for the dates to decide on how to go ahead with the scheduling.

IPL is that the biggest cash spinner for the Indian cricket board, with official broadcaster Star Sports shelling out a whopping Rs 16,347.50 crore ($2.55 billion) to acquire the global media rights of the tournament for an amount of five years in September 2017.

So after IPL 2019 Venue being shifted to Overseas, this is a big loss for the country.

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