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Most Sixes in IPL by a Team, by a Players

The most loved and most awaited league of cricket is the Indian Premier League also called IPL in short. IPL was started by BCCI in 2007 and from the first season, it gained more and more popular among fans. Later they introduced some new features like the purple cap for leading wicket-taker and Orange cap for the highest run-scorer.

Most Sixes in IPL

We have seen a lot of high scoring matches in IPL. Scoring less than 180 or 200 is not safe for a team nowadays in IPL. It's a hard-hitting game where we see a lot of fours and the most sixes in IPL.

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A lot of unbelievable records have been made in IPL in previous seasons. Hitting the most sixes in IPL is also one of them. Everybody loves those lofting shots in the game and many of us also want to know who has hit the most sixes in IPL, which player has hit most sixes in IPL, which team is having the record for most sixes in IPL. 

Here I am going to tell you all the data related to most sixes in IPL from all the 11 seasons of IPL that which team has the record of most sixes in IPL, which players a smashed most sixes in IPL.

Most Sixes in IPL by Players (Overall)

IPL is a very limited over game so we a lot of shots in the air, so many lofted shots. So here I am going to talk about most sixes in IPL by a Player.

1. Chris Gayle: Playing from 2009 to 2018, Chris Gayle has hit the most number of sixes. He smashed a totally 292 sixes in 111 innings which tells itself that what kind of player he is. When we talk about Most Sixes in IPL only one name comes on the top he is Chris Gayle.

2. AB de Villiers 129 innings 187 sixes

3. M.S.Dhoni 158 innings 186

4. Suresh Raina 172 innings 185 sixes 

5. Rohit Sharma 168 innings 184 sixes

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Most Sixes in IPL by Players (Single Inning)

1. Chris Gayle(RCB): 17 sixes 2013 vs PWI

2. Brendon McCullum(KKR): 13 sixes 2008 vs RCB

3. Chris Gayle(RCB): 13 sixes 2012 vs DD

4. Chris Gayle(RCB): 12 sixes 2015 vs KXIP

5. AB de Villiers(RCB): 12 sixes 2016 vs GL

Most Sixes in IPL by Teams (All seasons)

Here take a look at the top 5 teams of IPL which have the record of most sixes in IPL 

1. Royal Challengers Banglore (1038 sixes): Virat Kohli led RCB tops the list of most sixes in IPL by a team. No doubt RCB is one of the strongest teams of IPL. RCB had Chris Gayle-the sixer king and also having AB de Villiers in the team so this is the main reason behind the most sixes in IPL. 

2. Mumbai Indians (968 sixes): The second team in the list of Most Sixes in IPL is Mumbai Indians. They have scored a total 968 sixes in all seasons of IPL. Remember they have the Hitman Rohit Sharma so that's the main reason behind this most sixes in IPL.

3. Chennai Super Kings (884 sixes): On the number third in the list of Most Sixes in IPL we have the champions of IPL who have gone to the playoffs in like all seasons. CSK has played only nine seasons. The most consistent team of IPL is CSK. Having the most number of run-scorer Suresh and World's best captain MS Dhoni, Bravo and Watson they are on the third spot in most sixes in IPL.

4. Kings XI Punjab (864 sixes)

5. Delhi Capitals (860 sixes)

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Most Sixes in IPL by Teams (Season Wise)

1. Most Sixes in IPL 2008: Kings XI Punjab 95

2. Most Sixes in IPL 2009: Deccan Chargers 85

3. Most Sixes in IPL 2010: Chennai Super Kings 95

4. Most Sixes in IPL 2011: Royal Challengers Bangalore 94

5. Most Sixes in IPL 2012: Royal Challengers Bangalore 118

6. Most Sixes in IPL 2013: Mumbai Indians 117

7. Most Sixes in IPL 2014: Kings XI Punjab 127

8. Most Sixes in IPL 2015: Mumbai Indians 120

9. Most Sixes in IPL 2016: Royal Challengers Bangalore 142

10. Most Sixes in IPL 2017: Mumbai Indians 117

11. Most Sixes in IPL 2018: Chennai Super Kings 145

So that is the complete related to Most Sixes in IPL, Like most sixes in IPL by an individual player, by a team, season-wise and many other things related to Most Sixes in IPL. 

I have tried to cover all stats related to Most Sixes in IPL but if anything is left, please suggest to me in the comments.

What is your opinion about IPL 2019? Who will hit the most number of sixes?
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