IPL 2020 Auction Date Time

IPL 2020 Auction Date Time

All teams are getting ready for the IPL 2020 Auction. For the IPL 2020, on Friday, all eight teams released the final list of retained and released players. All teams were to do so by 15 pm on 15 November. All the teams have released a large number of players, Chennai Super Kings team has released the lowest five players. At the same time, RCB has discharged 12 players. 

IPL 2020 Auction Date Time

In such a situation, all eyes are now on the IPL 2020 Auction date in Kolkata on 19 December.

IPL 2020 Auction Date Time

So the IPL 2020 Auction Date time is 19th December 2020. All teams are ready for the IPL 2020 Auction date after releasing and retaining players.

Let's know which team's purse has the most money. Before knowing IPL 2020 Auction Date time, According to IPL rules, a team can have a total of 27 players including a maximum of 9 foreigners.

After the release of the players, all the teams have a total of Rs 207.65 crore left to spend in the auction. In such a situation, the team of Kings XI Punjab has the highest amount of Rs 42.70 crore for shopping. In the auction, the Punjab team can add a total of 9 players including 4 foreigners to their team.

For the IPL 2020 Auction Date, Kolkata Knight Riders also announced the release of 11 players on Friday. In such an auction, it will be second only to Punjab. He has 35.65 crore rupees in his purse with which he can add a total of 11 players including 4 foreigners to his team.

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Rajasthan Royals are ranked third in the list of teams with the highest amount in the IPL 2020 IPL 2020 Auction Date. Rajasthan team, which released 11 players, has Rs 28.90 crore left in purse for purchase. With which she can bid to include a total of 11 players including 4 foreigners in her team.

In the case of the thickest purse before the IPL 2020 Auction Date, the team of Royal Challengers Bangalore, led by Virat Kohli, is in fourth place. RCB, which releases 12 players to create a new blueprint, will have Rs 27.90 crore in the purse. In such a situation, Mike Hewson will go with the management to place bets on the players to balance the team.

Delhi Capitals team is at the fifth position in this list for the purse money before IPL 2020 Auction Date. Delhi has added two big players, Ravichandran Ashwin and Ajinkya Rahane, through trading, despite having Rs 27.85 crore left in its purse. In such an auction, she can use this amount to purchase a total of 11 players, including 5 foreigners.

The Sunrisers Hyderabad team will enter the IPL 2020 auction with Rs 17 crore. Hyderabad has released five players Deepak Hooda, Martin Guptill, Ricky Bhui, Shakib Al Hasan, Yusuf Pathan while retaining their core team. In the auction, the Hyderabad team can buy a total of 7 players along with 2 foreign players.

Chennai Super Kings on Friday released the lowest number of players for the upcoming season. The team called the Dads Army, captained by Dhoni, released a total of five players including Mohit Sharma, Sam Billings, David Willey, Dhruv Shourie, and Chaitanya Bishnoi. In such a situation, he has Rs 14.60 crore left to fill the space of five including 2 foreign players.

The defending champion Mumbai Indians will enter the IPL 2020 auction with the lowest amount. Mumbai released 12 players on Friday. Mumbai team will enter the auction with the lowest amount and they have a total of Rs 13.05 crore left for it.

So that was the complete list of purse money for IPL 2020 Auction. We will keep you updated about IPL 2020 Auction Date time.

If you have any questions related to the IPL 2020 Auction or any other Questions about IPL 2020, ask in comments.

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